Tarryn Venedra

Holy Assassin


A Changeling who normally appears as Master Vostav, Dwarven master stonemason. Vostav is a reluctant fighter who carries an ornamental rapier at his side.

Master Vostav has an apprentice Hobgoblin called Tamerlain.


Tarryn Venedra is a Changeling assassin who thought herself irredeemable and evil by nature. But when left for dead and rescued and healed by a priestess of the Church of …., she felt compelled by her honour to repay the favour and began giving a large portion of her income to the Church as charity.

But the relationship continued way beyond what could simply have been a repayment of debt.

Over time, she found herself making more altruistic gestures and becoming more discriminating in the jobs she took, preferring to assassinate mob bosses and tyrants…

Tarryn Venedra

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