Panmorn Ventroney

Fire wielding warrior who has turned away from the gods


Panmorn is a redheaded elf, standing 6 foot tall and quite broad for his race.

Scars and piercings on his face make his quite recognisable, as does the shaven sides of his head.

Commonly dressed in red’s and black’s Panmorn is a practical dresser who has only begun to discover styles not intended for the battlefield. He is learning that he quite likes the freedom offered by not wearing armour all day.

Quick to grin and quick to anger, Panmorn’s face is noticeably alert and animated. Those who meet him feel he has nothing to hide, any for the most part they are right.


Born into a family of warriors, a long line of devotion to the god of fire and participants in the war against the followers of the god of earth Panmorn’s legacy is an affinity with fire.

During his time on the front Panmorn was taken under the tutelage of the Wizard Graros Arcanscape, who saw in him the potential for a great wizard.

Still fighting daily and studying when time permitted, Panmorn was involved in a devastating battle against the earth god’s followers. Many of his siblings and friends where killed by a lightning elemental summoned by a Sorcerer on their own side.

After this battle Panmorn turned from god, believing that if the god’s cared for their followers there would be no war. In turning away from the god of fire he became an outcast among his clan and fled the war for civilization to learn more of the world.

In Shanghai Panmorn has found his civilization, and it stinks, both literally and figuratively. Corruption and vice line the streets, concepts of honor and community are used to force others to perform acts against their own best interests, all in the name of making others rich.

Panmorn is a man looking for something to believe in and finding both the gods and the world wanting.

Surely the frontier must be better ……

Panmorn Ventroney

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