Welcome to Earth thousands of years after the current climate disaster and the inevitable nuclear war that followed it.
the old gods left the failed experiment of humans on earth and went to try another better type of dominant species somewhere else.

about 10 thousand earth years ago the children of the children of the creator gods found the old abandoned planet still had life on it. can we play with it please gran please?

so for multi-mellenia of years the little goddlings have been playing in the land of the lost.
about 1000 years ago the main continent (Eurasia) was the centre for their sport and was going well until the godling of earth and the godling of fire got into a fierce competition. everyone else gave up and went away but these two are still going at it hard. the central part of the continent is a lava filled mess humanoids of all types fighting and pushing to win.

now the girls have decided to start another game with the idea that it would be player verses environment this time. each player except fire and earth would have a hero and the one who did best would be the winner. each godling was allowed 5 gifts during the competition to their hero but only one to each other hero if they chose.


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